Urban Remedy

Hayes Valley, San Francisco Location

Hayes Valley, San Francisco Location

Urban Remedy offers pre-packaged food, juices and protein bars that doesn’t use dairy, gluten, white sugar, white flour or unhealthy oils. One of their website’s tag lines is “Food Thats Healing to People and the Planet”.

Enter the Sun Square my first experience with Urban Remedy. These chocolate squares are made with sunflower butter, raw cacao, coconut oil and sweetened with organic coconut sugar and Stevia. It’s a relief to finally read a label that you don’t need a degree in chemistry to understand.


You can buy Urban remedy products in Whole Foods, online or at its sit down locations across the Bay Area. Last week I sat down at their Hayes Valley location in San Francisco for a salad, the staff was super sweet and helpful. I picked up the black rice umeboshi bowl; it was colorful, tasty and energy packed. Its a bit expensive but makes up for its higher cost by only using high-quality ingredients by providing local, non- GMO food products.


The companies goals also include sustainability and reducing waste, packaging is BPA free and made from recycled PET. I am looking forward to seeing what this company has planned for the future.