Get in touch with the Spirits


It is close to Halloween and time for the unexplained, psychic experience, fairy gardens and Labyrinths. The hidden hamlet of Lily Dale Assembly in Pomfet, New York is the perfect place for contacting the spirits and tuning into all things magical. Keep in mind Lily Dale is on its offseason schedule but still has events on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s


Spiritualist have flocked to the Lily Dale since 1879 when the area was incorporated as Cassadaga Lake Free Association, a camp and meeting place for Spiritualists and Free Thinkers. In 1906 the name was changed to Lily Dale Assembly, today Lily Dale contains 160 private residences, hotels, guest houses, spiritualist stores, and restaurants.

Lily Dale Assembly is gated but open to the public, for fifteen dollars you’ll receive a 24-hour pass. Spend the day attending church services with mediums delivering messages from the dead, walk the fairy garden marveling at the childlike details of the garden, check out the gem and tarot card shops, tie a ribbon to the healing tree for someone get healed at the healing temple and walk the newly planted hedge Labyrinth. You can also marvel at the black squirrels wandering around the property; rumor has it that the black squirrel was genetically engineered; not true


If you want to dive in deeper; you can spend $100-250 on a medium, look for a Medium sign in the front yard, the signup sheet is on the porch outside their door. A map of Lily Dale Assembly will give you a good idea of what there is to do once you get there.