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Arizmendi Bakery A Worker Owned CO-OP

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The advent of food Co-Op's helped in putting the democracy of food back into the hands of the people. Arezmindi Bakery is named after a priest (José Maria Arizmendiarrieta) who helped start cooperatives in the Basque Country of Spain.

Arezmendi's is a worker-owned cooperative that opened in 2000 in San Francisco's Sunset District.

On most days the lines for the bakery are out the door at least in the Sunset District. Voted the best bakery in many publications, I have to agree. Get there early, nothing beats warm baked goods fresh outta the oven. If you get there after 11am, try the pizza for $3.00. (Ride your bike and get a discount)! The Arizemendi's website gives you a list of hours, bread schedule and pizza menu.