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Variety Speaks at the Stonestown Farmers Market

Vegan, San Francisco, CaliforniaChristine WetzelComment

The Stonestown framers market happens every Sunday between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm, housed in the back lot of a shopping mall it makes a pretty nice oasis in the Shopping Mall World! We like this market for its variety of organic produce, food trucks, the artist stands, sprouts sold by the cut, and plenty of free samples. We started out ordering a food truck empanada: found a seat in one of the green plastic chairs provided and listened to a band play "Ripple". Getting to business we purchased some cherry tomatoes at an organic produce booth,  sampled some sprouts; settled for a $3.50 bag of the spicy radish sprouts. I sampled oranges, some spinach & sweet potato bread, pesto's, and curry's.