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Shinzen Sushi translates to Nature Sushi

Vegan, California, San Francisco, RestaurantChristine WetzelComment

Where is the vegan sushi?? Shinzen, Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya in the Mission offers some of the most thought out creations of vegan food I've ever seen. This might explain the line outside the place on this particular Saturday evening. I make it a rule not to wait in lines... but eating by yourself has it perks! I get a seat at the last spot at the sushi bar. The menu is genius for vegans, you can get Nigiri with roasted pepper, eggplant, tomato and green mango. The rolls have clever titles; Secret Weapon, Colonel's Pipe, the Surprise Ending (comes with a shot of sake in the center), the Candlestick ( presented with a flame on the side, seriously), and Hidden Agenda. I've heard from repeat customers that the ramen is excellent. The dessert delivered next to me (sorry for staring) looked exceptional, green tea ice cream with fresh fruit placed beautifully around the ice cream. The beauty is in the presentation, excellent flavor and a place that transcends beyond the monotonous vegan fare.