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3 Local San Francisco Markets You Shouldn't Miss

local, san francisco, veganChristine WetzelComment

1. The most visited market in San Francisco and the one that some of San Francisco's best restaurants buy their produce from is the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, open on Saturdays from 8-2PM and Tuesday & Thursday 10-2 the market provides high-quality organic ingredients grown locally. 

2. Clement Street Farmers Market offers a large selection of goods, you can find anything from organic produce to tea, granola, sprouts, meat, almond milk, and food trucks. The market is open on Sunday's from 9 AM to 1 PM, two blocks long, you can find the market between 2nd and 4th Avenue. You can also check out the Mr. Foggy Mural while you're there and some of the cool shops in the area. 


3. The Sunset Farmers Market is a tiny market nestled in  an area between two buildings that normally is used as a parking lot. The market is open from 9 AM to 1 PM and offers organic produce as well as a selection of flowers, pastry's, and almond milk. Take a walk across the street and savor the homemade bread at the Arezmeni Bakery, a co-op owned bakery that's been around for years.