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Releasing Baby Turtles in Mexico 🐢

Mexico, Sayulita, EnvironmentChristine WetzelComment

Campanemento Tortuguero Sayulita is a group of local volunteers in Sayulita, Mexico that are saving the sea turtles from poachers by scooping up their eggs during the evening hours before poachers get to them. The group then buries the eggs on their property, which takes the 45 days to hatch.


You can release a turtle at sunset on the north end of the beach. By doing this the group brings the odds of the sea turtle from 1 and 1,000 survival rate to 1 and 100. To find out what days the turtles will be released you can check out the Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita Project Facebook Page.

Story to the sea turtle: Dear Sea Turtle, I hope you make the odds. When I first saw you were in a red dish, you looked so sad and lifeless. As I carefully tipped your dish you climbed out slowly at first. But then you came alive with the sound of the sea, you moved your flippers faster and faster surpassing all the others till finally you made it there, I watched as the waves covered you in an embrace. Where you went from there I won't ever know!