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So Much to See and Do In Pinnacles National Park

Hiking, Camping, PinnaclesChristine WetzelComment

Established as a National Monument in 1908, In 2013 Obama signed into legislation and the park's name and specification was changed to Pinnacles National Park. This park is Southeast of San Jose and is the 9th unit of National Parks in the state of California.

I really enjoyed camping here. I booked online for the perfect spot, some of the sites are in complete sunlight which can make it miserable if it's the season for sweltering heat. The website says July and August but I've been here in April and it was Hot! Check out this little beauty, it's a website that provides images of all the campsites at Pinnacles, that way you can be sure to get a site in the shade. To stay cool you can go for a swim at the park's pool, its free for campers.

The park is host to wildlife which included bats, condors, deer, frogs, and Quail. Our early morning hike up to Condor Gulch Trail hike paid off, at about 7:00 AM on our way down the trail we saw about 15 Condors circling a rock formation. The flight of the Condor is like the flight of a kite, gliding on the wind and dropping in and out of air currents. The bat caves are yet another highlight of Pinnacles, around sunset we headed out to Bear Gulch Cave and  made our way through the caves to the other side just in time to watch some bats exiting through the closed area of the caves.