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Food Revolution: Other Avenues

Vegan, Vegetarian, San Francisco, Community MarketChristine WetzelComment

Other Avenues is a worker owned cooperative that offers locally sourced food to the community, its produce is 100% organically certified.Some of the Co-Op's buying guidelines include buying organic, sustainable, vegetarian, and fairly traded products. One of the longest-running co-ops, its been in business since 1974. Surviving most of the closures of food co-op's in San Francisco Other Avenues was in a remote location with community support, it purchased its own building and fitted its roof with solar. If you want to know more about the cooperatives and Other Avenues read Nimbark Sacharoff's "Other Avenues",  in she talks about and how the food movement started, its history and why many of the cooperatives closed during the 70's. During a tour of the store, we got to meet Sacharoff who works at the co-op, she talked about her book and Other Avenues.