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Best Margaritas in Sayulita, Mexico

Mexico, Sayulita, Nayarit, DrinkChristine WetzelComment

 La Zouave's is a great place to sip margaritas on a hot night in Mexico. Their drink menu included Mandarin/Mint, Cucumber/Serrano, Grapefruit/Habenero and Ginger/Orange margaritas. All were refreshing and included a perfect blend of herbs, peppers, and fruits. I especially like the dark smokey salt on the rim of the glass. the cucumber in my second drink needed a spoon. I guess I would call that substance,  also a small kick on the tequila, but smooth. This is a can't miss this place, its located on Jose Marisca on the South side of town, it is a quieter part of the street. The outside of the bar is painted in dark red, the interior has cozy tables and booths that reek of "stay awhile" as well as the candlelit tables outside, which is where we stayed for a few hours 2 nights in a row.