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The 3 Wildest Night Clubs in Berlin

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Being a big dreamer and daring to follow my dreams, I relocated from the west coast USA to Berlin, Germany to pursue my interest in techno music and to manifest my dream of running my own record label. Nothing really prepared me for what I was about to experience in this beautiful and crazy city. Berlin is probably one of the last urban paradises that has an equal amount of nature and urban mixture to please anyone.

One thing Berlin is famous for is its booming nightlife that attracts techno tourists from far and wide, especially in the summer months when hundreds of clubs around the city come alive with people who want nothing more than a weekend of ravers delight. After four years in the city, I have created a top 3 list of the best clubs worth visiting while in Berlin.


 Photo: James Dennes

Photo: James Dennes

First, of course, is one of the most famous techno clubs in the world, though many jaded Berliners might frown upon my first pick, that club is of course Berghain. Love it or hate it, this club is very special because there is no place like it in the world. Having done a fair amount of traveling as a techno tourist myself I can attest to the fact that it is a very special place.

The huge club provides two dance floors. There is the main floor where pulsating techno music will bring you into a state of dancing frenzy that becomes like some sort of occult ritual, if harder techno isn’t your dish then go upstairs to Panorama Bar for its full bar menu and hear music that can range from disco, house, and all in between. Finally, don’t forget to go to the snack bar for some ice cream or snacks in between moments on the dance floor. As in most Berlin clubs, pictures are not allowed so don’t expect to record any memories of your experience there. Sometimes we need to experience instead of document.

About Blank

 Photo: Juska Wendland

Photo: Juska Wendland

My next choice is a club special to my heart that has one of the most amazing garden areas where wild blackberries grow in the summer months. That club is About Blank, which features some of the cities best parties from Buttons to Staub. The club features three dance floors. One of the dance floors is outside in the garden where during the warmer months you will find daytime events that slowly evolve into the main two floors of the club. There you can find a room with harder techno styles and lighter house in the club salon. Some events at this club last 48 hours so please bring a lot of stamina when coming here and don’t forget to eat at the club during the summer in the garden, serving delicious food from food vendors to keep your energy high on the dance floor.


Then my final destination Heideglühen takes you a little bit out of the city center but the journey is by far worth it.  This space features some of the best house music around and an incredible vibe unlike any other. I love the people I meet in here and the whole experience is like a giant playground for adults who are still kids at heart. Don’t expect to find out the line-up until the day of the party but I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed when you do. You can check out Heideglühen every week and you must sign up for the newsletter to receive the information for the events. They don’t post on Resident Advisor or anything like that.

No matter what you are looking for as far as clubbing goes, Berlin has you covered and even though I’ve just presented to you my top three locations there are many other great spots to choose from. Honorable mentions go to the boat club Hoppetosse and the best club in Neukölln called Griessmuehle.

 Photo: @GillyBerlin

Photo: @GillyBerlin

Where ever you do decide to go when visiting Berlin you are for sure guaranteed to have the time of your life and at some moments it can be too much fun! Don’t expect anything too fancy our clubs are quite raw and expect some of the most disgusting toilets you’ve ever seen in your life but that’s just all part of the charm of this wild city I call home.